About the Podcast and the Host

The Podcast

The Moderate Podcast launched in 2018 to provide an outlet for independent thinkers. This show does not focus on issues through the lens of a liberal or conservative. Instead, we look at things from a more objective perspective. Sure, we all have our own internal biases, but there are simply too many opinions out there that focus more on political beliefs rather than the facts at hand. We take a facts-first approach to the news and politics of the day, and form our opinions from there.

The Host

The Moderate Podcast is hosted by Jimmy Davis, a 40-year-old native of Southern California. Jimmy is a veteran of local government, currently serving as a high ranking official for a mid-sized California city. This provides an insider's perspective of some of the workings of our government. He recognizes that government is far from perfect, but he also recognizes the misunderstanding that many people have when it comes to how government works, and attempts to increase that understanding through his own experiences. Jimmy still lives in Southern California with his wife and three children. When not working or focusing on the podcast, Jimmy enjoys bowling, Los Angeles Kings hockey, and is a big fan of Survivor, Big Brother, and the Harry Potter series.